The 9 Superpowers of Your Smile

When you smile, the whole world smiles with you; smiles are contagious. When one person is happy, the happiness spreads. That is only one of the superpowers of a smile.

  1. Smiling makes you look younger

    Many would be grateful for this benefit. Smiling makes other perceive you as being younger than you actually are. It’s like a smile provides a mini-facelift – it raises the entire face, the cheeks, neck and jowls. You should smile more often!

  2. Smiling makes you more attractive

    According to research, one is found more attractive when they wear a smile. It’s simple – think of someone smiling and you will instantly find them more attractive than when the same person is angry, sad or frustrated. Try this and then you will know which version is attractive plus, it may also just make you feel happy and smile.

  3. Smiles elevate mood

    There is a feel-good feeling that stirs up in your brain every time you smile. Dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin are party animals that begin celebrating when you smile. An added bonus is that those endorphins serve as natural pain relievers and act as the body’s own opiates.

  4. Even a forced smile can boost your mood

    We are under the impression that a positive experience is what leads us to smile. Although this is the truth, even simply deciding to smile can conjure up a positive experience. Sometimes, joy makes you smile but sometimes when you smile you can feel joy. If you ever feel down and low, give yourself a boost by simply smiling. Remember even putting on a happy face will instantly make you feel happier.

  5. Smiling makes you seem competent, courteous and likeable

    The latter two qualities seem quite logical, but how does smiling make you seem competent? In a business setting, looking anxious or sad is perhaps a sign of not known what you’re doing and may also make you seem less amiable. By instilling positivity, a simple smile just might be the shortcut to being successful in business.

  6. Smiling helps build better relationships

    One of the key ingredients for establishing genuine and healthy friendships is smiling. A smile is an indication of one person liking another. If a person is smiling and like you, what do you think of them? You instantly begin to like them too. When it comes to first impressions, smiling is crucial. This impression can be lasting.

  7. A smile is contagious

    As mentioned earlier, a smile is contagious. You don’t have to be a celebrity to light up a room, just enter a room with a smile and that will light up the room. It will also help lift the spirits of everyone around.

The shadow that your smile casts…

So if you want to look great, reduce stress, be competent, build relationships or when you just want to feel good, tap into that superpower you have – your smile!

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