Is it time for the tooth fairy? Ideas that won’t burn a hole in your pocket

The tooth fairy is not exempt from the ebb and flow of inflation. Kids these days expect to land a jackpot under their pillow every single time. If you attempt to keep up with this fantasy figure, you may land up breaking the bank!

Filling in the shoes of the tooth fairy isn’t an easy job, especially when you’re clueless about what to leave under the pillow or how much to spend.

Instead of plain and simply dishing out cash for a fallen tooth, we at DentoXpert have come up with some less expensive and creative ways to take control of the situation.

Get Creative!

Here are some ideas:

  • Foreign coin

    Presenting coins from different countries not only adds mystery but also stirs up excitement in the child. At the end of the day, it’s money. Your child’s curiosity button will set aglow! You can ask your family or friends who’ve travelled for some leftover coins.

  • Marbles or glass beads

    All kids love things which are shiny! Apart from using beads/marbles as a collective, another purpose could be to use them to make jewellery or arts and crafts.

  • Stickers

    A plan that can almost be everlasting; you can buy a pack of stickers and give them out separately every time a tooth falls out.

  • Add to a favourite collection

    If your child loves to collect and has a favourite collection, its best that as a tooth fairy, you add to that collection.

  • Educational gifts

    Educational gifts imparts both knowledge and fun – best of both worlds! You can get books, games and other inexpensive items during sales for the tooth fairy to leave behind.

  • Fairy letter

    A letter from the tooth fairy? Which kid wouldn’t love that? Get free printable formats online or customise your own letter. In this letter you can include a note that you want your child to remember or a rule to follow. If the bedroom is dirty, the letter can address that. For all you know, it might just work because the tooth fairy has given advice.

  • Fairy dust

    You can use some sparkle/glitter as fairy dust. Fill a small cute container with the glitter and sparkle and keep it under the pillow. Every time the glitter can be a different colour. The child can use it as a collectible or as a way or asking for something.

  • The right tools

    Tools like a multi-coloured toothbrush, colourful kid-friendly toothpaste, movie themed tools, etc. could be good gifts. This way, the act of brushing can be something that your child looks forward to.

  • Stationary

    Colouring pens, markers, pencils, colouring books, drawing books, alphabet books, etc. can be a fun way of keeping the children entertained for a few hours at least.

Here are simple and effective tooth fairy ideas that you can instantly implement in your house. Whether it is one of these ideas or something else, you can save money and yet give gifts which your kids will love. Do not forget to keep up with dental visits as your kid’s teeth fall out.

Let us know if you have any ideas to add to the above-mentioned creative ones!

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