Daytime vs. Nighttime Oral Care- Some Must-dos!

This is an era where everything happens in the blink of an eye. In order to keep pace with life, all of you, especially, in the morning, are in a tearing a hurry! Brushing, taking a shower, grabbing something to eat and off you go!

Let’s slow down and stop a bit in the tooth brushing part because oral hygiene cannot be overlooked, or given a miss as it’s extremely important. Your oral care routine is directly related to your health on the whole.

Day-time oral care- Some must-dos!

The routine

Tooth brushing We all brush. But how efficiently? The goal to brushing is to remove plaque effectively. If you have sensitive teeth, use a toothbrush that is soft because you don’t want bristles to harm your gums. Also, choose toothpaste based on your individual need. The way you brush your teeth can either get rid of all germs or make no difference at all; the trick is to use gentle strokes on your teeth in a circular manner so all the bacteria that is hiding is cleaned out.

Flossing We cannot stress enough on the importance of flossing. The bristles of the brush might not be able to reach the tiny gaps between the teeth and flossing takes care of this and does a great job of it. Dental flossing should be a part of your daily routine to help remove food particles before they turn into tartar, which in turn causes gum problems.

Rinse This is the final step. Rinsing with a mouthwash not only leaves you with a fresh breath, it also keeps your teeth free of plaque and cavities and your gums safe from gingivitis. Always make sure you choose an alcohol-free mouthwash and remember mouthwashes are never a replacement for brushing!

The right habits

Even if you religiously follow the routine, there are a few food items that can harm your teeth.

Sugary foods

It is a myth that all things sweet are bad for your teeth though. Because, sugar by itself isn’t harmful, it is the bacteria that thrive on sugar that is the problem. So when you treat yourself with sugary treats, make sure you drink water and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Say no to tobacco and drink responsibly: Smoking and alcohol increases the temperature of your mouth and dries it up. That is when bacteria begin its nasty job.

Night-time oral care- Some Must-dos!

Nighttime is when you can actually give time and follow the oral care routine properly as you’re home for the day and you’re ready to snooze.

Neglecting night-time oral care literally undoes all your day-time oral care efforts. The saliva protects you from disease-causing bacteria. During the night-time though, the brain thinks there is no food in the mouth and decreases the flow of the saliva. So, if you skip brushing, flossing and rinsing after dinner, the bacteria stay on and damage your teeth. Remember, that sweet morning breath? J It happens for the very same reason. Brushing an hour after a meal is ideal.

There is one more thing you need to take care of while you sleep, teeth grinding. This happens because the brain is active and directing the person to grind the teeth. It doesn’t happen to everybody but if you have Bruxism, where you clench or grind your teeth, then make the habit of wearing a night guard to avoid jaw damage and receding gums.

So! It’s all laid out for you by the experts at DentoXpert. What your daytime and nighttime oral care should be like. If you follow this to T, you will have strong, healthy teeth, if not over time you will face ramifications accordingly. So, now it is purely up to you!

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