Quirky Toothpaste Flavours

Want to know of some unusual, quirky toothpaste that are doing the rounds around the world?

Mint and more:

Toothpaste, a product used worldwide, is a mixture of water, humectant, abrasive, detergent, preservative, binder, therapeutic agent and flavour. We’re all familiar with the minty foam that begs to seep out of our mouths while brushing every morning and most of us are fond of the minty flavour – it creates the illusion of freshness and eliminates bad breath rather effectively. Mint is the predominant flavour in the toothpaste market but several companies around the world have dipped their toes into other riveting flavours that aims at making your morning routine just a little more exciting.

We all know kids hate brushing (or anything that takes time away from their playground adventures) but with the introduction of quirky flavors of toothpaste, even kids have something to look forward to while brushing.

The flavours introduced are not only quirky but they also serve the purpose just as well as your regular minty toothpaste. It still fights germs and bacteria and removes plaque but while it’s doing its job, you’re probably thinking about the flavour.

Let’s look at some of the quirkiest flavors that the toothpaste industry has come up with. DentoXpert has put together a unique list just for you!

Roll out the red carpet:

Warning! Some of these flavours may cause involuntary salivation in your mouths and make you want to loosen your purse strings to buy these quirky flavoured toothpastes.

  • Chocolate flavored toothpaste: Bask in the irony, your dentist is going to finally recommend chocolate for your teeth. This is obviously the least expected flavor of toothpaste since chocolate is your teeth’s worst enemy, but Colgate found a way to make it happen. It was a limited edition toothpaste but blessed are those that were fortunate enough to brush their teeth with chocolate.
  • Bacon flavored toothpaste: “Makes your breathe bacon fresh!” Do take this tagline by Mr Bacon toothpaste with a grain of salt. Bacon has a very meaty and greasy flavor that we’ve all come to love – how fantastic would it be to brush your teeth with bacon flavored toothpaste and then devour on some real bacon for breakfast. Two is better than one!
  • Champagne flavored toothpaste:Find yourself enjoying champagne on a Saturday morning and as the day unfolds, you’ll be sipping on champagne again at night. An extraordinary flavor that grabbed attention immediately and you kick off your day with a party in your mouth.
  • Scotch whiskey flavored toothpaste: If you’re not a champagne lover, scotch might float your boat. A treat for whiskey lovers, this flavor of toothpaste was made by Six Proot, but is probably not available in the market currently.
  • Coffee flavored toothpaste:One beverage after another! Coffee flavored toothpaste cannot replace your early morning cup of coffee, but at least you won’t be drinking it with a minty mouth and a frown on your face.
  • Curry flavored toothpaste:By far the most experimental, this toothpaste is going to be spices galore! Can’t imagine this to be a daily favorite but it’s definitely worth a try.

While mint still rules the kingdom, it wouldn’t hurt to see big toothpaste companies venture out into some fun flavors – it could turn out to be a profitable idea!

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